Saturday, March 25, 2006

Games and stuff!

The Games - Javine and Jade winners no big surprise. I'm now looking forward to tonights champ of champs show, I'm so sad. But we knew that already.

American Idol - Kevin gone. That's not fair I want Bucky OUT and Ace oh and Taylor but that is too much to hope for.

and in AI who 'gives a feck' news.

"American Idol" chat rooms were buzzing Friday over a controversy surrounding Chris Daughtry's version of "I Walk the Line."

Judges praised Daughtry for making the song his own when he performed the Johnny Cash tune on the Fox network show.

But some fans say the version wasn't Daughtry's, but ripped off from one done by the band Live in 2001.

If people do a song in a different style on an Idol or similar show they will have heard it done like that before. People don't put in original performances on these shows, they sing a long with a band, they don't spend hours jamming and changing a song.

Project Catwalk - I was so happy with Kirsty winning and the lovely Matthew coming second. Matthew's clothes were the best in the last task but Kirsty had to win.

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