Friday, March 17, 2006

The Games starts today

And Goldie is out he got injured ski jumping, replacing him is.........

Adam Rickitt! The future Tory MP! Our next PM! Or maybe not. I missed him on question time I just couldn't get my head round that he was going to be on it.

It's all about Amanda Lamb oh and Michelle Gayle. I do like Amanda. Javine I have gone off she seems a bit...hmm dunno I just don't like her (might be her recent drink driving thing). I like Jade Jones a lot, he's replaced the awol Darren Day. I wondered what he was like, all I knew was that he dated Emma Bunton, he seems lovely from the Mon - Thurs E4 shows. Most boring has to go to MC (Marcel) Plat'num I've had enough of Blazin' Squad on reality tv and MP Julia.

I'm going to watch alllllllll of The Games chan 4 E4 allllllllll of it.


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