Thursday, March 09, 2006

at last

Had to miss Apprentice last night booooo. I let my otherhalf use living room for a meeting (he owes me big time) on the assumption I'd be able to watch it on-line later that evening. But it wasn't up aargh. I had to spend today avoiding finding out the result.

Anyway now I have seen it and omg Jo saved again! Despite being clearly a nutter, Sir A saved her and sacked Karen. That was quite funny actually, because Karen is Ms Cool and clearly thought she was in no danger. Also she is a bit (understatment) two-faced imo. But she is at least not doo-lally. Ah well, Jo does make good telly. Bring on next week. I so love this show

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jude said...

I nearly sent you an omgjosaved text but I didn't as I thought you might of taped it or something!