Thursday, September 06, 2007

Series three

Of Project Runway looks like it has some interesting people on it. I only taped it by chance as people at Digi Spy said it was series two being re shown. Could of done without seeing Santino again... I liked Jay's new look though.

More at DS... Katie Hopkins (boo hiss hurrah) lined up perhaps for Cirque De Celebrité or IACGMOOH. I lasted all of 2 minutes watching Cirque De last series.


clarrie said...

whoot whoot PR is on Sky3 on Sundays huzzah

Anonymous said...

I heard on that amber is going to have a guest appearance on America's top model. Is there any truth in this? I remember hearing something on this site that Amber was signing up for ANTM. Do you think amber has a chance? I doubt she'll get on she doesn't seem like the model type to me. I haven't watched the next top model before but From what i heard it's not filmed life like BB so i guess Amber will appearing in the next season (cycle10?) in the spring. I think it would be hilarious if Amber would be in a model show.