Thursday, September 13, 2007

Du du du du du du DU DU

'Citing. The SCD list is up. Of most interest to me is who is dancing with my faves.

Dominic Littlewood from morning tv with the lovely Lilia.

Letitia Dean from Eastenders with the lovely Darren

Kelly Brook from being photographed in her underwear with Brendan. See what they've done there? Ha ha.

And the 'let's laugh at who they've put with Anton' this year goes to Kate Garraway. Just as long as they make it to a week where Anton gets to wear a catsuit I'll be happy (and pointing and laughing).

In my new favourites list comes Alesha Dixon with Matthew Cutler and Penny Lancaster-Stewart with Ian Waite.

I'd love Camilla to win this year she's with a young bloke (Gethin Jones from Blue Peter apparently) so there's a chance.

Gabby Logan and her husband are paired with James Jordan and his wife Ola. I don't like them two (J&O). Boo them. Boooooooo. I dislike Vincent (Stephanie Beacham omg I hope she hits him) and Flavia (Deano Wicks!) too. So hopefully none of them will win.

Ooh I'm excited.

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