Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hell's people

Adele Silva ~ Dipsy Emmerdale type

Lee Ryan ~ Mad one from Blue

Barry McGuigan ~ Boxer bloke

Abigail Clancy ~ Abigail Clancy! Yay! Britain's Next Top Model loser/runner up and Scouse drug WAG. Will probably cook chunky chips.

Rosie Boycott ~ Newspaper journo type

Jim Davidson ~ Foul 'comedian'

'Challenge' Anneka Rice ~ Jumpsuits etc

Paul Young ~ Wasn't he on Celeb Masterchef?

Kelly LeBrock ~ Woman in red?

Brian Dowling ~ YAY! Will Narinda make an appearance to plug her book?

Obviously as a reality tv fan I'm happy there are two reality tv people in there.

In other news... I hate Rebecca from Britain's Next Top Model and was quite happy that Brian won BB. I was not happy that evil pig Liam came third. Urgh. I hope Monkety-Tunkety gets deals though...

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