Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jamie Tinkler go home

I feel a bit sorry for Jamie Tinkler he's always auditioning for these programmes and now he seemed to be in a semi decent boyband (but no one likes boybands anymore) but then ooh we didn't know we had to tell the X factor bosses we were being managed by Ashley Tabor. That's Ashley Tabor who is on the X Factor credits...Ashley Tabor who appeared on the Xtra Factor quite a bit helping (practically managing) the Louis Walsh acts... Hmph!

Anyway double X Factor tonight we shall see if our Anthony from Brookside gets through to the live stage. I hope the Unconventionals get through I think it will amusing...then annoying in a G4 style.

I'm looking forward to SCD Even better a bloke is being kicked out tonight (then a woman next week) as long as it's not Matt the rugby or cricket bloke as he is dancing with The Lovely Lilia.

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