Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bad night in reality land

Oh noooooooooo. Ian Waite and Mica Paris kicked off SCD shocker! I'm upset. And The Unconventionals kicked off X Factor, what a rubbish night.

People who should of been kicked off -

SCD- Woman from Casualty I've never heard of, partnered by new dancer.

X Factor - Long haired posho Ben. I know he'll probably win so it's good to get my hatred of him out from the start. Also Ray and McDonald Bros and other BOYS who were never going to go first as they are BOYS.

I liked Eton Road I'm not sure why apart from the weirdness of 3 boyband boys and one emo boy. I'm very worried about Anthony he's too thin and looks vunerable. I expect an 'X Factor runied my life' story in 6 months.

1 comment:

BAB said...

Lol I love Eton Rd!!!

Thnik they are great, anothony looks like he has put a bit of weight on since the auditions - he was freakishly thin then.

Ben is ok, didnt care much for him before last night - but did kinda impress me i gotta admit.