Monday, October 30, 2006

It's a shame about Ray

That he hasn't gone of course. I was quite excited about someone from Brookside being on the 'x factor' but that has definitely worn off. Two women out in the shock! (not) double eviction Dionne and Kerrie and Ashley in the bottom three (ha ha serves him right for forgetting his words). I like Leona but not as much as I like the fact that next week is ABBA WEEK! WOO! Eton Rd were rubbish I hate mack the knife.

Over on 'strictly come dancing' her from Casualty and her abusive dancing partner went. SCD should have an ABBA WEEK! WOO! as well.

1 comment:

BAB said...

I thought Leona was fantastic!

Kerrie and Dionne deserved to go although WHY WHY WHY are the MacDonald boys STILL there??