Thursday, February 09, 2006

New found fame and fortune

Big Brother turns Preston into an extraordinary boy:

"The songs Preston writes with guitarist William J Brown, there has always been an outright populism, as was apparent when the quartet struck up Talk Talk Talk from their debut. With amusing, direct lyrics about suburban ennui, it is catchy like an old Madness single, and eschews the more twisty-turny post-punk influences favoured by their peers.

They closed their five-song set with Boys Will Be Boys, which, with its rinky-dink organ sound, is also a bit too much like an old Madness single. Again, however, it's a memorable little tune, and if the Ordinary Boys keep churning out those, they will outlast the affections of their new-found teen audience."

Wonder if next year many on the fringe of success bands will be pushing their lead singers into CBB?
Yes I like the Ordinary oys... I always did. I prefer GLC but I do like Prestons Voice.
Wonder if the other band members really do mind that all those teenagers have turned up just to see Preston?
Probably not as the cash comes rolling in.

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