Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Beauty and the Geek

My new fav show. Beauty and the Geek. E4 on Tuesday nights. Last night saw 7 beauties with very little in the way of brain power, team up with 7 complete nerds in a Scottish castle.
Every week one couple will be evicted and the last couple will be the pair that have learnt the most from each other... I like the very brainy and total inept Edmund and the airhead Sam. This week they had to dance together and Sam had to answer questions... One of which was. How many brains does a monkey have and one girl said two!!
They share a bedroom together and have to gel to win the prize and stay in the show.
It's ace and fills a hole that CBB left.

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Endie said...

I get to boast, here, for once: I hired the castle the show is filmed at (Blairquhan Castle) for a few days when i got married. It as pretty amazing. Shows the advantages of being a geek ;)