Monday, February 06, 2006

do the LibDems really need more publicity?

Julia Goldsworthy, are you sure going on The Games is a totally good idea? I know there's no cat impressions invovled but there will be leotards.

Other tv shows I have been goggling at on itv2/sky3 repeats, from under the duvet on my sick bed lately:

Australian Princess: this is horrible, truly toe curlingly horrible. Paul Burrell is such a pompous little tit! As if the difference between a red wine goblet and a water goblet matters.

not the only gay in the valliesProject Catwalk: now this is (Liz Hurley excepted) good. Particularly loving the way the World's Campest Living Welshman rips everyone's designs apart at the end of each show. Liz's attempt at a catchphrase is just feeble. "You may now leave the catwalk" is hardly "You're fired!", is it?

Talking of which, much excitement (well as much as I can muster in my fevered state) as trailers for the new series of
the Apprentice
spotted. Whooo whooo whooooooooooooooooo. (Miriam Staley remains our top search engine term, fact fans).

More excitement as Pete goes back into the charts at No. 5 hurrah
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this are two tone

But, at the risk of adding the Wrath of Trin to my woes, can someone please tell me the difference between these two soundie-lookie-likies?

some mods some other mods
original vs ordinary

And finally ... Ann Diamond in Celeb Fat Club Stomach Staple Cheat Storm Shocker!

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