Friday, February 24, 2006

American Idol a drunk review

My AI review whilst drinking vodka.

Last 12 girls

Mandisa - big good
Kellie Pickler - dad in jail good bit off
Becki - twin long dark hair good bit off
Ayla Brown - basketball tall rich family very musicals mariah
Paris Bennett - I love
Stevie Scott - opera rubbish
Brenna Gethers - diiiiiiiiiiiiiva dodgy then got better
Heather Cox - blonde no good boring
Melissa McGee - good ish bit out of tune boring song no like
Lisa Tucker - good whitney bit off key quite a bit off key
Kinnik Sky - horrible song good but screechy
Katharine McPhee - gooooooooooood just good

Last 12 boys

Patrick - sunglasses good ish but boring
David - sang crazy little thing called love hideous creepy
Bucky Covington - rough grunge wannabe but best name ever!
Will Makar - OC lookylikey not that good bit lanky wrong song
Sway - ill advised hat not that good
Chris - bald metal beard bloke v good sang dead or alive new Bo?
Kevin - looks 12 year old musical quite good well good but young and geeky
Gedeon - is 17 looks 27 fairly good energetic
Elliott - rough Shayne Ward lookylikey ooh good nice voice Simon sez maybe best AI male ever
Bobby - sang copacobana! as you'd expect
Ace - young 'chris in the morning' looklikey good but new Constantine (cute but turned out to be rubbish) or Bo (dead dead good)? that is the question
Taylor - the grey horror he's 29 but looks 49 did good blah ick

Rather depressingly the odd grey haired bloke was good. Blah. How dare he!

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