Sunday, April 24, 2005

Saturday reality round up

So Caroline got voted out of Hell's Kitchen and now it's everyone up for eviction and one from each team will leave on eviction days (whenever they are).

Oh and Alex and Katie got kicked out of Strictly Dance Fever which was a bad result.

Poor Alex, Moldavia's finest!

Could the lovely Adam's voice get any higher by the way? It seems to be going to Big Brother 5 Marco levels at times since he entered the house.

In Hit Me Baby One More Time Hue and Cry won! A result I will never understand they are so boring.

I watched The Apprentice again I even turned over from Hell's Kitchen on itv3 to watch it last night. I don't know what the interest in Miriam Staley is she seemed quite boring but then I have only seen the last two episodes. Anyway she's out.

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