Wednesday, April 13, 2005

'f' off Paul

Apprentice Week 9. They had to sell a text service to Spurs fans. Saira's team (Saira, Raj, James) managed to p1ss off the Spurs staff and concentrated on marketing instead of selling. Paul's team (Paul, Miriam, Tim) had all sorts of bright ideas scuppered thanks to Saira p1ssing people off but still managed to sell shed loads more and so won the task (first prize: an evening with Gary Rhodes; second prize: two evenings with ...).

Inspite of Saira being team leader getting the strategy completely wrong and p1ssing off important people, Raj got fired for being a bit of a useless lump. Hah. I do still dislike Saira least of them all. Attitudes to her are a classic example of how things that are OK for men are not acceptable for women. Yeah she's gobby and pushy and bossy. When men do it, it's called being hard nosed business men.

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Jude said...

I saw last 30 mins of it. I may have to catch rest of it now.