Sunday, April 24, 2005

more weekend tv news

Can't believe our star reporter didn't mention the start of Celebrity Wrestling. My 5 yr old is hooked, tho he did get bored at times - too much talking, not enuff action! Bit of a Gladiators homage if you ask me.

From Sunday's paper, Lynn Barber interviews Sir Alan Sugar

I kept fishing to find out who won [the Apprentice], but with no success. He says he hasn't even told his wife - though I did get a hint that Saira, the brilliant saleswoman, won't survive. In any case, he shows such obvious favouritism to Paul, who, he says, reminds him of himself when young (except that Paul is handsome), he seems determined to keep him, however badly he performs.
I don't envy The Apprentice winner who has to work with him, and this, really, is the weakness of the programme. It is intended to make business seem interesting and comprehensible to the general public - an entirely laudable aim - but the world it presents is so cut-throat, joyless and frightening that I imagine most young people will watch it and think if that's what a career in business entails, I want no part of it.

say it ain't so about her Saira/Paul conjecture, but hurrah for the idea that the show could bring about the inevitable crisis in capitalism.

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