Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hell's Kitchen

Poor Simon up for the first vote in Hell's Kitchen against posh Henry.

My guide to who's who -

Terry - the Geordie pig bloke.

Caroline - the posh older woman.

Gary - the Caribbean cook.

Henry - the posh bloke.

Simon - the camp bloke.

Aaron - looks a bit like Alistair McGowan, fancies Sam.

Stein - southern bald pig bloke.

Kelly - pub cook.

Aby - fancies chef Jean Christophe and spells her name stupidly. Is either a Abby Titmuss or a Shell from Big Brother.

Sam - can't pronounce shitake and reminds me of Becki from Big Brother 5, fancies Aaron.

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clarrie said...

boo I forgot to watch that tonight!"