Friday, March 02, 2007

Patrick Kielty: an apology

In the past, this blog may have given the impression that Patrick Kielty is an utter waste of hydrocarbons, a man whose appearance on our screens is liable to lead us to sell our tellybox on ebay. We now realise that we gravely underestimated what a fine and courageous anti-capitalism activist he truly is. We send Comrade Kielty our humble apologies and look forward to bumping into him down at the barricades on the next anti-globalisation action.

make kielty history

"If [Cat Deeley] wants to make huge sums of money in one of the few countries that didn't sign up to the trade agreement," he declared to reporters, "then she doesn't care about aid at all. Cat's turned her back on us. Good luck to her and her capitalism." ...

Assuming Patrick was not unveiling a hilarious new comedy character - a parody of a particularly slow-witted sixth-form activist - his position seems confusing. After all, in 2004, he filmed a pilot version of Deal or No Deal for the US network ABC, which announced the show would premiere in March of that year. Alas, the network decided to can it at the last minute - a merciful decision for Che Kielty, no doubt, and one which would ultimately free him up to focus on more ethically unimpeachable jobs such as presenting Celebrity Love Island.

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