Saturday, February 26, 2005

yay for reality tv

Two new shows to eat up time I'd otherwise fritter away working or spending time with my family.

/dusts down blog ready for new 'point & laff' fun ...

1. Sleb Fame Academy (or "Comic Relief Does Fame Academy" to give it it's offishul title) started tonight. I was only half watching (flippin kids and their flippin toys with 150 small almost but not quite identical pieces of plastic that have to be built now mummy now now now. Surely this is what Chinese children are for? tsk). Some random thoughts:

  • Patrick Kielty - die die die die die (preferably before I have to on holiday to a country where you have your own TV show waaah).
  • I'm also backing Gina. She's my kinda gal.
Jude will probably be along later with some more intelligent analysis.

2. The Apprentice. I'm loving this. I saw a bit of the US version when it was shown here. The great thing is, one has complete freedom to hate every single person involved with this show. All the contestants are exactly the kind of people I loathe. Hah. This week, 2 words - Sack Adele.


jude said...

jon is so rubbish

jude said...

ooh claz did you see bez is gonna be on uk pimp your ride?

clarrie said...

OMG! as you know I have ancient analogue telly box. I demand people record this for me and post it to me please please xx