Sunday, March 04, 2007

I want to press red

It's all a bit vague. Do they not go into the house until Wednesday? I keep checking my red button just in case they've snuck them in and turned on the live stuff in secret.

Yay Emily still in DOI I know she's not that good but all those Richmond Hill viewers have phones. Also her partner is lovely. The lovely Daniel. Lovely. Duncan and Clare are quite evil.

I've seen two episodes of beauty and the geek and I am hooked. I was watching Shipwrecked's little brother (hutcam diaries) and it just came on. Oh dear. I'm in love with Josh. Oh dear. I'm quite astounded at the Wes makeover.

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clarrie said...

Hah I forgot they not go into until Wed and was v. disappointed when I pressed red this afternoon.

I too watched B&TG but I so don't like the "smart girls aren't attractive" message. Also wtf telling Wes not to mention the monkeys on his speed dates? If I met a man who tracked monkeys with lasers, I'd be fascinated. But then, I was never one of the Beatiful People. Hmm I think I'd better stop now before it all goes a bit Heathers