Thursday, January 04, 2007

No surprises

For me due to the list being posted at digi spy. They don't seem to care nowadays about the names leaking.

The housemates

Carol Malone - evil Sunday Mirror/celeb fit club cow
Jo O'Meara - nice one from S Club bit like Kathy Beale from EE. Jo to win!
Cleo Rocos - crazy laydee from Kenny Everett
Dirk Benedict - bloke from A Team apparently
Danielle Lloyd - 5th rate Abigail Clancy (it should of been The Clancy)
Shilpa Shetty - 'Bollywood hottie' I really have no idea pretty laydee probably takes no nonsense
Ian Watkins - H from Steps yay. H to win!
Donny Tourette - someone teenagers like probably, 5th rate Kitten
Jermaine Jackson - Not Tito Jackson he's on just the two of us on BBC1 (Brendan to win!)
Leo Sayer - Crazy haired 70s pop person
Ken Russell - Mad mad mad. Ken to win!

But no Paul Michael Glazer booooooo. I wanted Marilyn badly but instead I got the evil Carole Malone. My main problem at the mo is hearing the name 'Donny' and wondering who the feck that is. Oh and 'Ian' he'll always be 'H' to me. I was glad to hear Ken Russell had been parading in the nude already. Ha ha! I need to know how Leo knows Donny maybe he's his real Dad and Tricia will pop up on day 5 to reveal the truth...

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BAB said...

My god they all seem so dull - hardly last years pack. Dont think I will bother watchin :/