Friday, January 05, 2007

good lord

My jaw is still dropped from the appearance of Ken 'hatstand' Russell on CBB. Mad as a box of frogs, hopefully. Here's hoping he shows Donny the true meaning of crazee, as his rock-god posturings are so last century. And his hair is very bad.

Meanwhile in the great "Steps vs S-Club" debate, I am in the S-Club camp. I always loved "Reach for the stars".

Unlike most other people, I have quite high hopes of this CBB. Maybe it's me age. Cleo Rochas (I remembers her on Kenny Everett), Leo Sayer (his was one of the 3 albums my parents owned that dated from after 1965), Jermaine Jackson. And Ken (I am apparantly one of the few people who's watched any of his films apart from Tommy).

Not looking forward to the arrival of the Goodys tonight tho. I'd much rather it was the other Goodies, a day in the black pudding mines would be a great task.


Stephen said...

Um, I've watched quite a lot of his films. And met him.

clarrie said...

you's such a name dropper. Anyways what I meant was the young and/or less discerning peeps seem to have not even watched Tommy let alone heard of one of the country's leading auteurs.

Stephen said...

Tsk, not seen The Music Lovers? That fill many an adolescent night... Listomania is pants of the finest order, though.