Monday, September 18, 2006

Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep

Ooh it's back on 5 tonight! I did enjoy last years... Jodie Marsh and that bloke from Corrie it was the romance of the century... On to this years
Lucy Rusedski (tennis WAG) and Andy Goldstein (google tells me that bloke who used to be in those annoying BB talk talk ads) present a new series of the show which follows celebrities as they spend ten days learning how to be holiday reps. Comedian and pundit Rowland Rivron; Noel Sullivan, formerly of pop band Hear'Say; heiress and 'It' girl Emma Jones (google image tells me she's blonde); celebrity chef Nancy Lam; party-loving DJ Brandon Block and model Samantha Rowley (google says she's from make me a supermodel) arrive in Crete and meet head rep Julie.

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clarrie said...

whoo hoo, I love Roland Rivron (did I ever tell you I met him in a club once)?