Sunday, September 03, 2006

How do you solve a problem like Siobhan?

I give up! I guess Siobhan will win How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? The judges seem to be doing everything possible to make it happen anyway.

Graham Norton promotes the show on R&J before it starts. They show a clip of a pretty blonde woman who can sing. Richard, Judy and Graham joke that there's no point now as she will obviously win.

Show starts. Siobhan is shown and she's good. But so are others and Siobhan doesn't seem that good now.

Siobhan doesn't make the final 10.
Another person pulls out. Siobhan is in the last 10!

Week one Siobhan sings Man! I Feel Like A Woman.
Siobhan is rubbish but it's ok as she's pretty.

Week two Siobhan sings Chains.
Siobhan is rubbish but it's ok as she sang half of it on the floor.
"I'm nervous, very nervous because I've got to crawl around on the floor. This song is frustration, this is angst and arghh! I am looking forward to it, I'm just nervous."
Week three Siobhan sings Jump.
Siobhan is rubbish but it's ok she's wearing a ra-ra skirt.

Week four Siobhan sings Songbird.
Siobhan is rubbish but it's ok she's still pretty.

Week four (part two) Siobhan is unbelievably chosen from all the other Marias (who could of guessed it would be her?) to sing Truly Scrumptious with some children. Just Siobhan gets to do this. Siobhan Siobhan Siobhan Siobhan we get the point! We must pick up the phone and vote Siobhan. Having said all that she was 3rd fave to go on the BBC sites poll. So the brainwashing hasn't reached everyone yet!

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Siobahn was in the first nine selected and when they argued over the last place they put the other 2 in over Siobahn who was you may remember ill. This was mainly the work of John B. Since the series started Zoe Tyler (voice coach) has said repeatedly that Siobahn has the best voice. She is clearly the prettiest and most natural. Her performance of Songbird was very moving and most of my friends have download and replayed the video many times. The role calls for someone who is a modern Marie - one who can climb trees, capture the hearts of the children and Capt von Trapp. Siobahn romped through the assulat course while Connie and others couldn't even get over the log. Who do you thing an audience would believe that Cap von Trapp would fall in love with - the desperate to succeed at all costs Connie, the ordinary Helena , or the prettiest, nicest. most natural girl with the best voice. Remember they're casting for Maria - There's only one choice really. Connie may be professional and a safe choice - but would she exite you, would you pay a fortune to see her?