Sunday, September 10, 2006

Siobhan! Siobhan! Siobhan!

She's now in the final of HDYSAPLM? having been saved by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Argh urg ARGH how annoying. Abi and Aoife went. Aoife sang Footloose when everyone else had musical type songs... And she was v good in the bottom two sing off (obviously Siobhan sang like she was dead inside) but she still went. HMM............ Fix fix FIX! The creepy judge apparently aka as 'the most powerful person in British Theatre' muttered about Siobhan and red blooded males loving her. Red bloodied males just love the sound of music I'm sure! Heterosexual men are the target audience for musicals about nuns all of a sudden! Helena is still there after being in the bottom two all the blinking time. Connie must win. She was top in the votes the first week (the only time they have said who was top) and the others have been in the bottom two so Connie must be more popular. Good.

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