Monday, March 14, 2005


well so I should've posted this last week but still, even a few days late it's great to post that Adele got fired! Fuggin' ace.

Their task was to sell stuff in Harrods. Tim's team stayed up half the night deciding on their mission statement and then creating a power point presentation on it. For one day's selling stuff in a shop. FFS. Adele was as bad as ever, glad to see the back of her. As for her smug self satisfied face even after she got fired .... grrrrrrr.

I've written down 'Sack James!' but I can't remember specifically why. Obv I am looking forward to each of them being sacked and am only disappointed that one of them gets a job instead of the sack at the end of the series.

Meanwhile, the Apprentice USA is going to be a musical. Gosh.

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