Thursday, March 03, 2005

Songs for Thursday

Ade is rehearsing his song he is singing 'turning Japanese' (The Vapors) he's not very entertaining at this singing lark is he? But he seems to be v lovely bloke. My hatred of Carrie Grant the singing coach is still there, I thought I may like her as she is not being a nasty judge this time, but no, still v annoying.

Carrie - 'It's like retro punk'

Ade - 'That's what I am'

Carrie - 'Me toooooooooooo'

Ade said Reggie had never heard of his song and he felt old, that is because he is half your age and you are. But thankfully old people are allowed to watch as well, as we have nowt better to do.

Gina is doing U2's 'vertigo'.

Ooh thong watch was live in the house last night, how sad. Put some proper pants on, you are live on the BBC. Worse ones were Edith and Kim.


clarrie said...

I'm old. I love that song. I not only know who sang it (The Vapours) but who their manager was (Paul Weller).

Jude said...

I know you know, I know I know. I was just saying in case anyone else was here who didn't.