Thursday, March 03, 2005

In the house at last

All the blokes are rubbish it seems. They should just kick them out in turn. I have no idea who is voting for Jon Culshaw at all, he can't sing and he's not pretty, so what is the point in voting for him? Next on my list is Nick Knowles, the bloke from casualty and the bloke from totps, all complete rubbish.

Anyway they are in the academy now having drinks and nibbles, rather predictably a few of them don't think they are being watched 'at this time' umm yes you are. Debra Stephenson was waving a fimble puppet at the camera...maybe a bit loopy. Nick Knowles said it was a bit like being in a big brother show thing...umm yes it is dur, we can see you live until midnight everyday on bbc digital. In the first few mins of drinkies we found out Konnie, Reggie and Gina don't drink, Debra has a baby, Dawn, Edith and Nick are the smokers and Kim Medcalf was being accused of eating all the prawns.

The first dance class is at 7.30am...

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