Wednesday, March 02, 2005

sack the stylist

Good grief. Not one of those women on Sleb FA tonight looked good. Wtf were their outfits and make up all about? It doesn't help that most of them are FAR TOO THIN! Worst offender was Dawn. Hair was B.A.D. and as for the sequined capelet??!!!?? No no no.

Also I am going off Jon rapidly. Even my adoration of Dead Ringers can't get over his Mick Fucknall-esque properties. And as someone who lists torching a copy of Stars as one of her life-time greatest achievements, that's something I just can't forgive. Sorry Jon, but you should've stuck to the Doctor.

how the FECK did Adele not get fired this week? I'd've fired her just for appointing her own PA, particularly given the outrageous gender stereotyping at play in that decision. Ooh Miranda you're a girl, you can be my secretary. Bah. I don't like Miranda much either but between the two of 'em on tonight's showing, Adele should've gone for sure.

I'm kind of liking Saira and Tim. Matthew is turning into a tory-boy tim-nice-but-dim stereotype. Of course I would ideally like to see each and every one of the Gordon Gecko wannabes fired. Come the glorious day, comrades, they'll be among the first against that wall.

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