Thursday, November 22, 2007

Marc's exit

Poor Marc's girlf. Bad Marc for trying to get it on with another girl in t'jungle. Not good to watch him mugging his way thro his exit interview while knowing he's been dumped for making a twat of himself, tho. Then again ...
"The gossip is it's all a set-up, that they (Marc and Sarah) agreed Marc would go in and flirt outrageously with someone."
hmmmm .... not sure that his ashed-faced appearance for the tabs was put on, meself. In other news ...
  • Ant 'n' Dec say Malc was scared "He changed his mind after seeing the medic, who briefed him on everything in the jungle. The medic tells you what to look out for and what is poisonous," Ant said. "Odd that he changed his mind after that."
  • Right Said Fred moan about being too sexy for jungle
  • Lynne's boyf gets cross about her editing
  • Janice and Lynne demand mouthwash
and in ex-IAC-ers news

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