Tuesday, November 20, 2007

funnily enough ..

... in this series of IAC, post-PremiumrateGate, we never hear A'n'D telling us how close the voting is and urging us to vote now, there's just a few votes in it. Coincidence, I'm sure. Likewise how some stars are now excluded from a trial "on medical advice". Hmmmm, is it all possible that in previous series the results were rigged so that "unwell" slebs didn't have to take part in a particular task? Meanwhile in the jungle, would Rodney and Janice Please Go Away. edit: oh and John Must Go Too. Rodney first. Go Biggins [insert 'camp' gag here]!

B&TG gets better every week. This week, the makeovers! Whoo hoo bleurgh. Yes the geeks looked 'better' afterwards but they also looked like everyone else. Well except poor Mario for whom nothing was done as far as I can see, he looked worse 'after' than 'before'. I love Nate and Scooter and think they should have been left alone, beards and bermuda formal wear and all.
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Jude said...

I see voting is close was back today ho hum.