Wednesday, October 17, 2007

so what was the point?

Bloody Mardy Jeremy and Weepy Jane won. Obviously on the final challenge, while perky twins Jess and Laura were organising themselves, decorating their restaurant, planning menus, buying food, cooking it, etc etc, Jane was crying and Jeremy was like a rabbit trapped in the headlights at the market. Have to give Jezza credit tho, as he patted a wailing Jane on the shoulder and supportively gave out some flyers for her.

OK yes so I know it's all in the edit and we don't even see the half of it. But why was it edited to make Jeremy and Jane look so bastard useless when they were The Chosen Ones? And indeed why bother to go through the whole of the last 8 weeks with challenges and such, when Raymond could've just decided in week 1, as his main criteria seems to have been who cooked the ponciest food. Yes he has chosen to go into business with a man who thinks cooking on the telly is scarier than fighting in Afghanistan.

I feel robbed.

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Jude said...

I haven't seen it yet as I was out on the town (Liverpool Rufus) but BBC Breakfast told me who won, the gits.