Sunday, October 28, 2007

15 days

new series of I'm a Celebrity starts on 12 November. Yay-ish. Bit worried about the quality of guests, last rumour I heard was Dennis Rodman gah plus masses of people I have never heard off plus maybe Richard Fairbrass (Daz ads obviously not paying enough). Not that it matters so long as The Geordie Messiahs are presenting, phone-in scandal or no phone-in scandal (just because they're exec producers doesn't mean they know what's going on, obv). On our holidays in Whitley Bay, the kids entertainers were always The Next Ant 'n' Dec to me. They were great at what they were doing and as they hoofed their way through the Macarena (again), I couldn't help thinking they dreamed of this year Whitley Bay, next year The World!

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Jude said...

Dennis Rodman star of two (or is it three) UK reality shows already... plus the rumoured Katie thingy and Chantelle they may be running out of reality people.