Thursday, June 21, 2007

Liam gets given loads of dosh

Liam! How did they come up with him? Why give them one minute to decide? An hour would of been better, why does everything on BB have a 50 minute boring build up then one minute for a decision.

Liam! He's been there 5 days, I feel sorry for the others who may have got the money on their 5th day but now they've been in the house weeks and they're all bored with each other so give the money to a newbie.

Liam! He'll probably win anyway. I can't believe anyone in the house really is meant to believe that there's now no prize money... anyway as all BB viewers and housemates know you can make more than that by appearing in the mags, well if you can take off your clothes or be in a 'relationship' with another housemate for a few months. Liam can do both of them so he didn't need the money.

I don't know who 'deserved' it, I would of given it to Tracey she could have financed her coach holidays to Amsterdam for the rest of her life with that.

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