Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ireland's got straight hair

I like Seany's new straight hair, I've decided I quite like him at the same time as quite hating him.

I need a warning for Britain's got talent if on turning over from Dr Who you are confronted by fake blood, as someone who has become the most squeamish person ever in the last few years I can't take such things. Worse was to come though... that child singing... she's on the front of the Sunday Mirror today! If she wins she is going to give her money away to African children... that opera bloke will have to come up with something to win over her.

A new BGT 'scandal' today. Fancy inviting a tabloid journo for a 'sordid sex session'. Tsk and all that. Anyway forget BGT I see a new show 'search for the next kit kat doll' it'd be a hit in my house.

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