Friday, June 22, 2007

Brian fired (not quite) Louis hired

Louis Walsh is back on the X Factor? After all that fuss about him got rid of? Brian Friedman is going to
become the show's creative director, coaching contestants in choreography and styling
according to bbc news.

So we're back to the Louis and Sharon show... grrreat. Of course this may all change in the next few days as Simon Cowell gets bored of Louis again.

We are thrilled to have Louis back to the X Factor," said Paul Jackson, ITV's Director of Entertainment and Comedy. Viewers will see the story unfold on screen when the series returns later in the year.

I can see it now, Simon looking sad and saying 'we've made a terrible mistake' just like he did with Ray on last years XF and those replacement acts on Britain's got talent.

In other news... BB was funny last night with Nicky and Charley competing over who could dress more slutty around Liam and this was after Liam saying he liked more aloof women. Michelle Bass would be more aloof compared to those two.

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