Monday, February 28, 2005

poor ickle slebs

from DeHavilland
Taunted stars of Celebrity Fame Academy have hit back at judge Craig Revel Horwood for being so rude about their performances.
And Pub Landlord star Al Murray, who was the first to be booted off the show, said: "It seems mean-spirited to have a go at us.
Horwood branded the celebs' first efforts as "cheesy", "out of tune" and "rubbish", and even told the audience to "p*** off" when they booed him.

Edmondson, who sang Tainted Love, added angrily: "If you're going to sit there and tell people they're rubbish - well, what a crap job to have.

"This is for charity. You could say it with a little more grace."
yeah but no but yeah but right, have none of these people seen pop academy x idol factor before? Surely they know that pantomime villainry from at least one judge is compulsory1? Stars like Al Murray & Ade Edmonson are not used to this sort of thing, poor little flowers, having never (for example) spent 2 weeks being sworn at by Gordon Ramsay, nor having built a career around getting beaten up by Rik Mayall.

1. Section 7 of The Reality TV (Humiliation of Contestants) Regulations 2001, as ammended

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