Sunday, February 27, 2005

Reaching never stop reaching

I don't do intelligent analysis Ms Claz I prefer to shout like WOO EDITH ROCKS which is not something I ever thought I'd say as I hate hate hate her radio partner Colin whatever he's called.

I really hope I don't end up liking Jenny Eclair as well, that would be too much.

So...Jenny, Al, Nick and Jon were all rubbish HA. I missed Ade and Konnie as I was dog walking (very quickly so I didn't miss owt else).

Good song choices - Dawn, Ade and Edith. What good taste.

I like the way they all 'couldn't care less what the judges say' then head over to BBC3 to rant on about what the judges said and 'who the hell are they anyway etc'.

I can not wait for the interactive press the red button thing to start on Wednesday then I can watch the house live 9am to 12am WOO HOO. Shame I won't get to see Al Murray having a dance lesson though.

Good to see the official site is up to date...

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EastEnder Kim's tipped to win with Al Murray close behind - what do you think?

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