Sunday, April 23, 2006

Liverpool nil

I didn't mind last week's Strictly Dance Fever 'shock' result (as in it wasn't Aravon and Paul I presume) but this weeks... Rob and Dawn! Rob and Dawn! I'm not liking that one bit.

What's to blame?

1. Liverpool forgetting to vote
2. Rob's Granddad
3. The royal family being werewolves
4. 'They came top last week so everyone else will vote for them' thoughts around the country
5. Me voting for Aravon Paul.
6. No one else watching

Don't vote on your mobile it seems to cost 80p. That is my first and only vote of the series then.

Can anyone tell me the point of

1. Not having at least one weekday catch up show
2. The 'little brother' show being on before the results show

The sooner they put me in charge the better!

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