Sunday, April 09, 2006


The strictly dance fever site, not me.
Meet Paul Culsahw and Aravon McCann. Paul is the dancer who nearly made it in series one. Aravon is a the linedancer and mother of two.
Meet JP Omari and Stacey Gaunt. JP is Streetdancer who lives in Brighton. Stacey is a dancer who loves to get funky.
Drunk I tell you. I am very annoyed there is no daily show how will we see the high jinks from the mansion?
Show Times Saturday April 15, 6.10pm & 9.25pm on BBC ONE 7.15pm on BBC THREE
3 shows a week? How can I get addicted on that. I need want to see lots of clips of Aravon missing her children and her dog grooming and generally being 38 while everyone around her is 22 ish.

Just one more, I know it only amuses me.
Meet Paul MaGuire and Pamela Smith. Paul is an account manager who loves to Jive.


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