Wednesday, September 21, 2005

trust me I am super model

having watched the first show by accident (honestly!) I am now addicted to Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep. It is however deeply disturbing. Not because of Jasmine (who is such a complete cartoon Naomi-wannabe it's hilarious "don't you know who I am?!?!?") but because of a lingering fear that Little & Large may somehow manage to salvage their career off the back of Syd reprising his Butlins days. :shudder: 1

Meanwhile over on t'Apprentice USA, Ivana got fired. Boo, she was my fave. I don't understand why the blonde woman was so down on her dropping her skirt when the Barbie dolls made their entire profit from selling their bimbo asses. Bah.

1. Oh. It seems I made an almost identical post a couple of days ago, of which I inexplicably have no recollection. Curse those aliens and their probes.


Trinity said...

You enjoyed that probing you kinky little mancunian

Jude said...

I liked Ivana but there were never going to be three women in the final four.